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Forest Road School


16 Forest Rd., Valley Stream, NY 11581

(516) 434-3800

Erin Malone, Principal
Michael DeBlasio, Assistant Principal 


Forest Road Car Parade Route

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Principal’s Message

Welcome to the Forest Road School! We are centrally located in the beautiful and community-minded Mill Brook area of Valley Stream. We are a Kindergarten through 6th grade school and are also currently home to the district’s self-contained special education programs. We offer our student body a rigorous Common Core aligned curriculum while maintaining an emphasis on differentiation and enrichment opportunities. Our staff works diligently to ensure each student receives a quality education with priorities focused on individual growth, social-emotional development and safety.

Forest Road has enjoyed being at the center of such a wonderful community since 1953. Our children walk to school and families have the opportunity for daily interaction with our teaching staff. Our community is diverse and rich with a neighbors from many different cultures working alongside each other for the benefit of all of our children. Cultural “literacy” is not only celebrated but entrenched in our school traditions as we strive to prepare the students for success in a global world. Forest Road is proud of our many accomplishments which include a vibrant school community, strong proficiency rates on NYS assessments and interactive learning experiences for our children. There is a focus on technology use and enhancement, project-based learning, real world application of skills and personal goal setting.

Our school fosters a sense of belonging with our families and we are fortunate to have an active and involved parent base. Our PTA sponsors assemblies and events for our students which support our curriculum and our district promotes a focus on both the Fine and Performing Arts. We host a large variety of before and after school clubs targeting academic development and interest-based activities. During the school day our children and staff are supported by an outstanding group of classroom teachers and specialists in the areas of Reading, Math, ESL, Speech and Language, Enrichment/Quest and Special Education. Our Library and Computer Lab are available to the children on a consistent basis and there are numerous opportunities to explore, research and analyze information. Our classes have access to a laptop cart and the majority of our classes have ipads currently in their rooms for daily use by students. We maintain an emphasis on Physical Education and over wellness as well as providing instruction in both Music and Art. Additionally, we do have performance opportunities for students in grades 5-6 with regard to Chorus, Band and Instruments.

At Forest Road your child is our priority. We strive to be partners with our families and share a common belief that all students can, and will, learn. We value the contributions and ideas shared by our stakeholders and maintain a focus on solution-oriented discussions. It is expected that you will be an advocate for your child and help us to design a successful learning path while they are in our care. Remember to take the 2 In 10 Pledge and give at least two hours of your time over the course of a ten month school year to improve your child’s school experience.

We welcome you to share in our joys and our achievements and thank you for your trust in us.

Erin Malone

Forest Road News

Next Stop: Middle School

Sixth grade graduates from across Valley Stream District 30 made history by moving up to middle school in a completely new way this year. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Clear Stream Avenue, Forest Road and Shaw Avenue schools hosted virtual commencement ceremonies on the district website and celebrated the Class of 2020 with special socially distant, in-person events to present diplomas and other items such as report cards, yearbooks and awards.

During the virtual commencement exercises, Board President Kenneth Cummings praised the graduates and wished them the best of luck in middle school. Superintendent of Schools Dr. Nicholas Stirling followed by sharing how special the Class of 2020 is.

“Beyond being the class that survived the pandemic during their last year of elementary school, you are also a special class because you have learned how to be a good friend to others, care for the community and help those in need of an extra hand. You have also learned how to be honest, respectful to others and how to forgive. These are life lessons that I hope you will always remember and carry with you into middle school.”

Although the students could not be together for a traditional ceremony, each school kept the musical piece of the ceremony alive by having each graduate perform and record a video of them singing the same song at home. The videos were edited together for a special performance. In addition, the virtual ceremonies featured photos of each graduate as they were announced, along with congratulatory remarks and words of advice from building principals, PTA presidents, and some of the sixth graders.

“I strongly believe that we should not dwell on what we missed at the end of sixth grade, but cherish the memories that we were able to make and look forward to the ones we have ahead of us in seventh grade,” said Forest Road graduate Ethan Ali.

To continue honoring the Class of 2020, each school held drive-through celebrations. Central administrators including Superintendent Dr. Stirling, building administrators, staff and PTA members held signs and cheered on the sixth graders as they arrived at their respective school in decorated vehicles to receive their diplomas. Although it was not the traditional graduation event that each school typically holds, everyone embraced the change with smiles on their faces as the sixth graders prepared to take on the next step of their academic careers.

An Evening of Excellence

Photo of Dr. Stirling Presenting  thumbnail172935
Each spring, students and families from throughout Valley Stream District 30 gather in the Shaw Avenue School auditorium for an award ceremony to honor outstanding students from the district’s three elementary school. Due to the global pandemic, district administrators held this year’s ceremony virtually with a special video presentation for students and families to watch at home.

Jennifer Lewner, assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction, kicked off the ceremony.

“This evening we want to celebrate and honor students who have demonstrated their ability to be creative and motivated life-long learners,” said Ms. Lewner. “Showing ownership for their learning while addressing the many challenges in the 21st century both within Valley Stream and globally.”

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Nicholas Stirling followed Ms. Lewner’s sentiments.  
“This ceremony recognizes excellence and celebrates the effort, perseverance, and commitment to reaching excellence,” said Dr. Stirling. “We’re proud of all of our students and their accomplishments, especially during this very challenging time. Thank you to our administration, teachers, staff, parents and students for all that you have done during this time.”

Clear Stream Avenue Principal John Singleton, Forest Road Principal Erin Malone, Shaw Avenue Principal Christopher Colarossi and Ms. Lewner presented the various awards on camera. To watch the full award ceremony, please click here. 

The district congratulates the following winners: 

Darryll Aikens Award for Musical Excellence
Alishba Chaudhry, Clear Stream Avenue School 
Sanaa Desvarieux, Forest Road School 
Isaiah Smith Jr., Shaw Avenue School 

All County Music Festival
Alanna Bolden, Chorus, Clear Stream Avenue School  
Marian Cao, Chorus, Clear Stream Avenue School  
Alishba Chaudhry, Orchestra, Clear Stream Avenue School  
Kai Moy, Orchestra, Clear Stream Avenue School  
Matthew Pico, Band, Clear Stream Avenue School  
Robert Santos Hernandez, Band, Clear Stream Avenue School  
Sudan Belnavis, Band, Forest Road School
Sanaa Desvarieux, Chorus, Forest Road School
Isabella Dombrosky, Orchestra, Forest Road School
Brandon Goulbourne, Chorus, Forest Road School
Jaida Greigg, Band, Forest Road School
Calvin Lee, Orchestra, Forest Road School
Maya Vandijk, Chorus, Forest Road School 
Alyssa Haughton, Orchestra, Shaw Avenue School
Kamahra Jolly, French horn, Shaw Avenue School
Alana Perez, Chorus, Shaw Avenue School 
Hallie Reid, Chorus, Shaw Avenue School
Yuvraj Singh, Band, Shaw Avenue School
Isaiah Smith Jr., Band, Shaw Avenue School
Jessica Tramontano, Orchestra, Shaw Avenue School

Long Island String Festival
Mia Perez, Cello, Clear Stream Avenue School 
Alyssa Singh, Violin, Clear Stream Avenue School 
Isabella Dombrosky, Cello, Forest Road School
Metehan Yilmaz, Violin, Forest Road School 
Kayla Harper, Violin, Shaw Avenue School 
Hallie Reid, Viola, Shaw Avenue School

New York State School Music Association 
Divya Dindial, Piano, Forest Road School
Sophia Griffith, Piano, Forest Road School 
Abigail Na, Piano, Forest Road School
Matthew Persaud, Piano, Forest Road School 
Cory Terry, Piano, Forest Road School 
Metehan Yilmaz, Piano, Forest Road School
Sanaa Desvarieux, Piano, Forest Road School 
Dhanesh Benny, Piano, Shaw Avenue School 
Daniel Davis, Piano, Shaw Avenue School 
Haley Gutierrez, Piano, Shaw Avenue School 

New York State Senate Public Service and Leadership Award  
Omar Alli, Clear Stream Avenue School 
Mishal Javed, Clear Stream Avenue School 
Yumma Junaid, Forest Road School 
Michael Potash, Forest Road School 
Alana Perez, Shaw Avenue School 
Anthony Vitullo, Shaw Avenue School 

Triple C Award
Alishba Chaudhry, Clear Stream Avenue School 
Alyssa Singh, Clear Stream Avenue School 
Isabella Dombrosky, Forest Road School 
Sarah Young, Forest Road School 
Erience Dickerson Jr., Shaw Avenue School 
Mark Persaud, Shaw Avenue School 

Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli Award
Christopher Brockington, Clear Stream Avenue School 
Simra Isra, Clear Stream Avenue School 
Matthew Pico, Clear Stream Avenue School 
Madison Williams, Clear Stream Avenue School 
Michael Peralta, Forest Road School 
Emmanuel Williams, Forest Road School 
Leah Gregory, Shaw Avenue School 
Anjali Khan, Shaw Avenue School 
Temidire Oladeji, Shaw Avenue School 
Katelyn Ortiz, Shaw Avenue School
Hallie Reid, Shaw Avenue School 

PTA Reflections
Valentina Cabral, Dance, Clear Stream Avenue School  
Sarah Durisile, Dance, Clear Stream Avenue School   
Mara Jade Garcia, Dance, Clear Stream Avenue School   
Jessica Romero, Dance, Clear Stream Avenue School  
Sophia Williams, Dance, Clear Stream Avenue School  
Zachary Moore, Literature, Photography, Clear Stream Avenue School  
Ava Tria, Literature, Photography, Clear Stream Avenue School   
Marion Cao, Photography, Clear Stream Avenue School   
Tyler Tria, Visual Arts - Art, Clear Stream Avenue School  
Sophia Griffith, Dance, Forest Road School
Sophia Ramkalawan, Literature, Forest Road School
Amir Shaikh, Literature, Forest Road School
Maya Vandijk, Literature, Forest Road School
Anjewl Lefever Williams, Literature, special artist, Forest Road School
Qasim Shaikh, Photography, Forest Road School 
Aidan Fretel, Photography, Music Composition, Forest Road School 
Isabella Dombrosky, Photography, Forest Road School
Austin Gordon, Music Composition, Film, Forest Road School
Divya Dindial, Film, Forest Road School 
Jayden Pryce, Film, Forest Road School 
Meerab Dar, Visual Arts - Art, Forest Road School 
Metehan Yilmaz, Visual Arts - Art, Forest Road School
Adetobi Fasanya, Visual Arts - Art, Forest Road School
Justin Monde, Visual Arts - Art Special Artist, Forest Road School
Mohammed Ibrahim, Photography, Shaw Avenue School 
Sebastian Cardona, Visual Arts - Art, Shaw Avenue School  
Liam LaVoie, Visual Arts - Art, Shaw Avenue School  
Syedah Ali, Visual Arts - Art, Shaw Avenue School  

PTA Regional Finalists
Divya Dindial, Film, Forest Road School 
Jayden Pryce, Film, Forest Road School 

PTA State Finalist
Divya Dindial, Film, Forest Road School 

National Geography Bee
Aiden Morales, Clear Stream Avenue School
Myles Brown, Forest Road School
Anjali Khan, Shaw Avenue School

Spelling Bee
Bryce Davidson, Clear Stream Avenue School 
Michael Peralta, Forest Road School 
Thomas Schaefer, Shaw Avenue School 

Math Olympiad
Mishal Javed, Clear Stream Avenue School 
Jayden Pryce, Forest Road School 

Rogenie Boucicault, Forest Road School 
Talia Diaz, Shaw Avenue School 

Valley Stream Teachers Association
Joaquin Mendoza, Clear Stream Avenue School 
Lilian Petrone, Clear Stream Avenue School
Landon Lanoix, Forest Road School 
Alissa Ali, Forest Road School
Goravjeet Ghotra, Shaw Avenue School 
Alyssa Haughton, Shaw Avenue School 

Forest Road Teacher Honored as a NASTAR

Tara Masterson Photo thumbnail172934
Tara Masterson, a fourth grade teacher from Forest Road Elementary School, was recognized as a NASTAR (Nassau Association of School Technologists Award Recipient) during the Year End Virtual NASTECH NASTAR Awards Celebration on June 18. She was honored by the Nassau Association of School Technologists for her innovation, ability to seamlessly integrate technology into her classroom and exemplary technology leadership.

Ms. Masterson has served the students of Valley Stream District 30 for the past four years. She does an outstanding job utilizing technology on a daily basis and according to her, technology has transformed the way she teaches. Ms. Masterson integrates the computer software Google Suite into her lessons by having her students collaborate using the Google Doc and Google Slide features. She also often uses Google Forms for many of her assignments, Google Classroom to keep everything in one digital space and the SMART Board in her classroom to give students a more hands-on learning experience.

“One of my goals, since I have started teaching, is to move away from worksheets and increase the use of technology,” said Ms. Masterson. “Since then, I tend to create digital, manipulative worksheets that allow the students to drag and drop, insert text boxes, and watch embedded videos. All of this has increased the level of student engagement and interest in the topics that they are learning.”

Congratulations, Ms. Masterson!

A Friendly Competition Among the Friendly Schools

Although schools are closed for the remainder of the school year, students from Valley Stream District 30 have found creative ways to stay active and connect. Facilitated by the district’s physical education teachers, Clear Stream Avenue, Forest Road and Shaw Avenue students collaborated in a full week of virtual field day challenges from June 1-8.

During the fun-filled week, students were encouraged to participate in 12 events at home with two events held each day. Students were able to access the virtual field day challenges through Google Classroom where they could watch a descriptive video of their task, participate in the event using materials found at home and then complete a Google Form with their scores. They engaged in activities such as the 3-3-3 Cup Stack, Bag Hop, Flip Challenge, Laundry Ball, Towel Minute Jump and Water Bucket Relay.

“We all take tremendous pride in our typical Field Days in our own buildings and this collaborative effort, in some ways, is the most gratifying of all of them,” said Forest Road physical education teacher Kerry Ann Brady. “It is nice to see it all come together and witness the tremendous amount of participation taking place. It is always our pleasure to deliver community wide events at the highest of levels.”

Click the link to view virtual field day highlights from Clear Stream Avenue fourth and fifth graders:

A Community Celebration

Students and families lined the sidewalks with school pride as administrators and staff members from Clear Stream Avenue, Forest Road and Shaw Avenue schools facilitated drive through celebrations through their respective neighborhoods. Each school held its event on May 29 to connect with its school community and honor its students during the pandemic.

While wearing masks and maintaining social distancing, students created signs to display how much they missed their teachers and their schools. Administrators and staff members decorated their vehicles with window paint, balloons and heartwarming signs as they drove through their school community honking and waving to the excited students. Clear Stream Avenue School and Shaw Avenue School’s celebrations were led by members of the Valley Stream Fire Department. All three drive through events were a great way to bring the community together in a safe way and bring a spark of positivity during these unprecedented times.

“The Valley Stream Union Free School District 30 is ‘The Friendly Schools,’ said Superintendent of Schools Dr. Nicholas Stirling. “We care and take seriously the relationship we have with the students, parents and community. The drive through gave us a moment to celebrate everyone in our community during this difficult time.”

Students Connect with World-Renowned Music Professional

Students Connect with Music Professional Photo thumbnail169625
Fourth, fifth and sixth grade band students from Clear Stream Avenue and Forest Road elementary schools recently had the unique opportunity to speak with Dr. Bruce Pearson, a well-known composer, music educator and author, through Google Meet.
Coordinated by music teacher T.J. Adams, more than 90 students and several administrators including Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction Jennifer Lewner, Clear Stream Avenue Assistant Principal Yannie Chon and Forest Road Assistant Principal Michael DeBlasio, participated in the session to learn more about Dr. Pearson and his deep connection to music. Dr. Pearson is the author of the students band method book.
The virtual meeting came to fruition after Mr. Adams learned that Dr. Pearson was conducting meetings to those interested in speaking with him during the pandemic. Mr. Adams submitted a form and was pleasantly surprised to be chosen for a meeting with his District 30 band students. Prior to the Google Meet, the students were asked to submit questions for Dr. Pearson. This included questions about songs, copyright issues, his books and more. Dr. Pearson also shared his background with the students such as how he got into music and spoke about his hobbies and travel experiences. The students were fascinated by his stories.
“He could not have been more engaging and genuine with the kids,” said Mr. Adams. “He was kind and friendly. He was funny and personable. He related so well to the kids and his love for music could clearly be felt through chat!” 

BOE Grants Tenure to Five Exceptional Educators

The Valley Stream District 30 Board of Education approved the tenure of five outstanding educators during its virtual meeting on May 18. Tenure candidates included Deisha Burgos, Christopher Gianesses and Steven Navarra from Shaw Avenue School, Christopher Nazario from Forest Road School and Danielle Bonaccorso who teaches in all three schools in the district.

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Nicholas Stirling recognized the five candidates for marking this significant milestone in their careers. To be considered for tenure, one must be a part of the district for about 3-4 years, go through an evaluation process, training and support. These individuals continually show how much they care about District 30 students and are expected to grow as even greater professionals than they already are.

“All of them are people who put children first here in Valley Stream 30,” said Dr. Stirling. “When it comes to pedagogy, instructional practice, all of them are excellent. They understand the meaning of team and they all have participated in district events and ways that have helped their colleagues become better professionals.”

Following his high praises, Shaw Avenue Principal Christopher Colarossi and Forest Road Principal Erin Malone shared why the tenure title was so deserving for each of these exceptional educators.

Student Earns National Recognition in PTA Reflections Program

Photo of Divya Dindial  thumbnail169402
Fourth grader Divya Dindial from Forest Road School was recently awarded the National PTA Award of Excellence in the National PTA Reflections Contest for her film, “Stories From Within.” She is one of 13 students to be honored nationwide in the film production category and one of only three New York State students to receive the Award of Excellence in the PTA Reflections contest this year.

The National PTA’s Reflections program challenges students in Pre-K through 12th grade to create original works of art connected to a specific theme. This year, students were encouraged to harness their creativity with the theme “Look Within.” Participants submitted their work in one or more of the following categories – dance choreography, film production, literature, music composition, photography and visual arts. 

As a National PTA Award of Excellence recipient, Divya will receive a $200 Young Artist Scholarship, a silver medal and a certificate. Her film will also be recognized in the traveling art exhibits and online gallery on the National PTA website. 

Congratulations, Divya! To view her outstanding video, please visit