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PTA Allergy Awareness

Anaphylaxis Awareness: What You Can Do

Epinephrine First, Period |


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Updated Emergency Action Plan Template

Nut-Free Notice Graphics for Your School

List of Snacks Free of Peanuts, Tree Nuts and Eggs to Help Keep These Allergens Out of the Classroom and Your Home

SnackSafely warning
Even though a great deal of time is invested researching and keeping the Guide up to date, never rely upon it as a sole resource for protecting a child with food allergies. Always read the label before purchasing a product because manufacturers may change their ingredients and processes at any time.
Your use of the Safe Snack Guide means that you have read and understand the disclaimers and warnings on the front page and agree to the Terms of Service. It is always up to the parent or guardian to consult with the manufacturer and make the final determination that a snack is safe for their child!

Food Allergy Awareness for Parents of Children WITHOUT Food Allergies - a 6-minute awareness module

Resolution—Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Management in Schools