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Summer Learning Matters

As students prepare for their summer break experiences, it is important they find time during the summer to engage in learning experiences.  Investing in summer learning helps your child to not experience “summer learning loss.”  Summer learning loss is the loss of academic skills and knowledge over the course of summer holidays.

The National Summer Learning Association (2018) findings on summer learning loss have found:

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The “summer slide” is what often
happens during the summer months.
  Most students lose (2) months of
mathematical skills every summer and
typically lose another two to three months in reading.
  Summer learning loss during elementary
school accounts for two-thirds of the
achievement gap in reading.

The Summer Learning Matters programs provide students with various opportunities to  build their skills steadily over the summer months.


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A 5-week program designed to support students in need of Response to Intervention Services (RtI)/Academic Intervention Services (AIS) in the areas of English Language Arts and Mathematics. The program provides students, who have been identified “at risk” of not meeting State standards as indicated through State and/or District assessments, extra time for targeted instruction to help achieve grade-specific Common Core Learning Standards (CCLS).  In addition, the summer program is designed to strengthen students’ 21st Century Learning skills in the areas of Learning and Innovative skills (i.e., creativity, innovation, critical thinking, problem solving, communication and collaboration) and Information, Media and Technology skills (i.e., information, communication and technology literacy).



A 6-week program designed to meet the continuing needs of students with Learning Disabilities.  Students work with teachers and teacher aides in language-based activities.  This program is for students with 12-month programs and is designed to meet Individualized Education Plan (IEP) goals.  



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This program provides students with an opportunity to continue their learning – in both reading and math – during the summer months by completing assignments, off and online at their own pace.  In September, your child’s teacher will review the completed summer assignments and provide the necessary instructional support to ensure they have mastered the assignment’s skills.  Please refer to your child's school webpage for the Summer Learning Matters letter for their grade-based assignments:



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The District continues its longstanding partnership with the local library which provides an array of fun and engaging reading experiences for your child.  We strongly recommend you take advantage of these wonderful opportunities.  For more information, click on the link below: